Polemarch: Torri Toland Vice Polemarch: James Hamilton Keeper of Records: Ronnie Mack Keeper of Exchequer: Juan Sims Strategus: Addison Burgess   Lt. Strategus: Artis Gandy   Historian: John Thomas  Reporter: Darion BrelandAssistant Keeper of Records: Antoine BosticAssistant Keeper of Exchequer: Leo Scott Membership Chairman: Myron Singleton Director, Guide Right: Trevon Fordham  Director of Reclamation: Kevin Gleaton Parliamentarian: Jacob White Nomination Committee Chair: Marcus Robinson Board of Directors: Theodius Oates, III, Darryal Murphy, Cedric Davis Chaplain: John P. Brown Audit Committee Chairman: Willie B. Cantey Finance & Budget Bylaws Reclamation Nominating Hospitality Guide Right Membership Intake & Orientation Audit Social/Fundraising Undergraduate Affairs Civic Affairs Publicity

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