During the mid-forties, several brothers noticed that there were quite a few Kappas in the Columbia Area. After numerous informal discussions and meetings, eleven (11) Kappa Men decided to apply for a charter. On February 2, 1947, a charter was issued bearing the name Columbia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. The charter members are:
Milton E. Cox
S. B. Marshall
J. E. Dickson
W. Fredric Robinson
M. A. Entzminger
Walker E. Solomon
Stephney Garrick
H. G. Thompson
S. A. Guinyard
R. C. White
Walter E. Johnson
The new chapter immediately elected officers and set goals. Brother J. E. Dickson became the first Polemarch. The first goals set by the chapter were:

1. Provide a $50 scholarship to a student at C. A. Johnson High School.
2. Provide a $50 scholarship to a student at B. T. Washington High School.
3. Provide books about blacks and written by blacks to both C. A. Johnson and B. T. Washington High Schools. (Both schools would provide a corner in the library dedicated to black history).
4. Provide career counseling.

Those high standards set forth by the charter members have continued and expanded throughout he years. Through various Guide Right programs, Columbia Alumni has provided many services to the Columbia Metropolitan Area.

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